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★ Some episode

 Since I'm a photographer by profession,when passed through 10several years,the offer of a certain big advertisement came to me.

 'Cause i didn't belong to any office or photograph group from the 1st,and i'm not a team player,also no self promotion,so maybe it could be considered a miracle for me.

 The work of the advertisement by  the unique young staffs was favourably received.
 The reason why i chose this work, i've told about it even a certain interview, i'm not interest to a camera, it was influenced by the work of a certain document writer, and i didn't interest of adramatized ting, too.

 As a result, the client was satisfied, and an excellent work was completed.

 However i turned down one offer while i pushed forward this big project.
 Whatever the result would be,turning down an offer is taboo,knowing that,i didn't go location hunting.

 The reason is that the only person whom i want to photograph hurried to japan, the offer as the exclusive photographer for him which the thing i wish came to me.
 Because it's the visit to japan of his private,i usually decine the offer,and i should go to the location hunting with the advertising agency and the client of the previous engagement.

 I hated the way,it which were able to make a serious reason not to go, then i tried to tell the thing to the rep.honestly and was gowing to get approval.
 Rightly, the client will not understand, even if i talk about the contemplation to the person because it's mere self satisfaction.
 The rep.seems to be disgusted, and he was silent.
   "is that really all right with you?"

 It wasn't good,but there's nothing i can do.i was determined to quit photographer.
 Despite youthful inexperience,i think that reckless thing.
 I really troubled the agent, I'm afraid it might be too late, but I want to say to them, i'm sorry."

 This work of advertisement succeeded in the result,but i was deprived of my role.
 I don't regret decision at that time,however i was deep regret to have the agency.

 The reason why now i would talk about this problem,it's because a feeling of antagonism in myself has begun to melt by relationship with one youth from northeasten through a work when i escaped the location hunting.

 The day when i as the depicter solved the seal of the work which i left might come over.

 This is a letter from A who youth from northeasten japan had one of my photographs at that time.


 Your packing was perfect!

 Thank you verrymuch.
 The word"thank you"springs out unconsciously purely.

 You are present today,repeating a turning point,decision,many encounters and things,arent you.
 I think that it's very splendid.

 In the world of the professional(?)the servant for amateur will have something like definition not to understand,right,
seeing from a situation of "passive position"(side to look at,side to buy)like me, kind of camera,lens,master and pupil relations,others,bind the industry,rules,duty,category,a trend,its condition...
even if a condition is set so much,i am ignorant(???)about them.

 When i see a artwork,if it doesn't appeals to my heart,i cannot be impressed,not remains in my heart.i can only say"it's good",that's all.

 I went to "california"of fujisawa for the 1st time about 8years ago,there was just the world that i looked
at on a video there.

 It's a sensationally feeling,cause such a shop wasn't in sendai yet in those days.

 Once a store specializing in campers of one to be near the sendai new port has begun to deal with "Joel Tudor Surfboards""Amsterdam wetsuits""FreeByrd"by small quantity.
 I was excited very much.

  I had a feeling that new wind blew to the district,and i knew the name of Buntaro Kato for the 1st time there.
 I don't remember it exactly,but then for several years,when i saw a photograph Joel which Buntaro photographed.i still remember that i had impression very vividly.

 Maybe it was the year2008,i was invited to "California"of fujisawa,cause there's live performance byTommy Guerrero and Joel Tudor.
 I was invited in the pre day and night then i left sendai 1hour later.i enjoyed it madly!and alone on that day!

 I watched a photograph of Joel which i purchased this time afterwords,and i was impressed very much,it has an impact on me.
 I've merely watched the photograph brought on being glossy an aura,an atomosphere and colour.

 I had an impression above all that Joel did that like such a joke(?),he's relaxed in this way,and his
eyes were so beautiful.

 I felt that he trusted very much  the photographer whom was in front of him.

 It's a artwork which buntaro photographed,it really became the one of the treasure in my life.

 So though i haven't met you,i have begun to long.this isn't compliment,it's a honest feeling
the real intention.

 I went to the photo exhibition of Yuri Shibuya,i heard the name of you from her at that time.

 It's the photograph which i've watched and felt my feelings,a lot has happened since then,grew for years ... and years.
 I surely have it in my hand now.
 It's such a rare to be impressed to take time.
 I'm glad,it's simply this word.
 It's still unbelievable.

 It's the darkness,uncertain times now,also the internet society which is weak and dangerous.
 However i thank for internet this time only.
 Because fortunately i can communicate with you,
directly i could buy your workart which i'd been longing for a long time.

 Your photdngraph and comment are chance for me,so this time i visited california,mexico,australia,china,thailand,cambodia,india and nepal.

 Teach person's preference is different,but the thing which oneself loves should love it.
 I feel like that.
 I don't care that even if i'm unique,cause it likes the favorite thing.
 It's only 1opinion of 1fan.

 Thank you for your time despite your busy schedule,i'd appreciate it.i'll keep in touch with you.
 I'd like to see you one day!!!
 I enjoy taking photograph,too!!

 Thank you for reading this long message,and I'm sorry if i'm so sassy with you.
 Take good care of yourself!

 I'm much obliged to you.
 Finally,gory!your artwork is sick!
 Thank you!!!!!

       from His instagram


  Now i'm in a carefree and refreshed manner.
  Now i write the matter off as statute of limitations.
                                                                                English translation nao
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